Mama's Good Lines

Not long after her death, I found a doodle Mama made in one of her notebooks. I scanned it and made a t-shirt design out of it just because I liked the idea of wearing something that Mama had drawn. But I never added any color to it. It seemed… wrong somehow. But today while looking for other images, I pulled that drawing up. Today, for some reason, I added some color to it.

Dreaming Of Mama

I dreamed of Mama last night. Not in the way I would have liked, though. I’m still hoping to have that dream where I get to sit down and talk to her.

Mama’s Ring

There have been a lot of stories I’ve wanted to tell about Mama that I just haven’t had the strength to approach. But for some reason I feel strongly in my heart today, on this Easter Sunday, that I should mention the ring that Mama was buried with. A lot of people asked me about… Continue reading Mama’s Ring

Dreaming About Mama

I dreamed of Mama last night. It was the first time I’ve dreamed of her since she died. Well, there was one time before where she was supposed to be around, but I never found her; like I was at her apartment and she was out visiting. This was the first time I’ve seen Mama’s… Continue reading Dreaming About Mama

One Last Gift From Mama

When I was in North Carolina I found a box on Mama’s kitchen table in among some mail. It had a bracelet inside. Upon the bracelet was engraved the initials “WRL”. I thought about who that might be. Mama was always buying little things for people. But I couldn’t think of anyone with those initials.… Continue reading One Last Gift From Mama

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