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Indie Frontline Demon

Indie Frontline Now A Weekly Podcast

Tune in @ 10:00 am Eastern every Sunday morning starting on 5th for my radio show, “Indie Frontline”, which features the very best in Indie music. You know it when you hear it. It’s the music that you know is being made by artists who do not bow down to the corporate establishment. Each week I […]

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A Thursday Night In Ybor City

It’s funny how much of life goes un-chronicled these days. I’ve kept a journal since I was young, and I’ve been on obsessive blogger for a decade or so. But these days even the notable events pass without as much as a mention. I suppose I finally got it through my head that it’s more […]

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Getting Ready For The Just In Time Band

I’ve been going over guitar parts this week in preparation for the show I’ll be doing with the Just In Time Band next Sunday. It was initially just supposed to be a guest shot, filling in for their lead guitarist, but I’ve since been asked to play on a permanent basis. I agreed. I’ve always […]

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Pay to Play

Local Artists Do The Heavy Lifting

All of my ReverbNation pages got an offer from an independent record label out of Charlotte, NC today. I have my own ReverbNation page, we have one forWindhaven, and I’ve kept a couple of pages for some of my now defunct bands – Systematic Chaos, Catdaddy Pirates and Bad Hat Harry. All received this “opportunity”. I’m writing about it […]

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Connecting The Dots

Victoria and I will be heading to Michelle’s in a bit for a Mother’s Day meal. It’s going to be nice to hang out with the girls for a bit. Both of us are thinking about what we’re going to be doing tomorrow morning, though. We’ll be appearing on a local radio show called Connect […]

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When The Winds Blow – Released

With no small amount of pride, we released Windhaven’s first full length album of original material, “When The Winds Blow”, this week. It’s been a long, frustrating road to get to this point. Writing and recording the music for the album was one of the most intense, nerve-wracking and ultimately satisfying projects I’ve ever been […]

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Pondering The Music Blog

I’m off-loading some recordings from the H2 onto the computer to use in a track I’m working on. Victoria is in the kitchen, cooking the Easter meal we’re going to have this evening with Michelle and possibly Katie. The house smells wonderful. I’d like to get into the Easter spirit, or whatever you call it, […]

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