Connecting The Dots

Victoria and I will be heading to Michelle’s in a bit for a Mother’s Day meal. It’s going to be nice to hang out with the girls for a bit. Both of us are thinking about what we’re going to be doing tomorrow morning, though. We’ll be appearing on a local radio show called Connect… Continue reading Connecting The Dots

Pondering The Music Blog

I’m off-loading some recordings from the H2 onto the computer to use in a track I’m working on. Victoria is in the kitchen, cooking the Easter meal we’re going to have this evening with Michelle and possibly Katie. The house smells wonderful. I’d like to get into the Easter spirit, or whatever you call it,… Continue reading Pondering The Music Blog

To X-Factor Or Not To X-Factor

Victoria has been encouraging me to to audition for Simon Cowell’s new American version of the British show X-Factor. The nearest auditions will be held in Miami on April 7th, and that’s close enough to make us think seriously about it. At the moment I’m kind of “iffy” on the whole thing. Given the realities… Continue reading To X-Factor Or Not To X-Factor

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Revelations And Miles Davis

I watched a show about Miles Davis last night, which concentrated on his 38 minute set at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 (in front of 600,00 people). Somehow through the years Miles Davis had settled somewhere in the back of my psyche. An influence in the olden days, of course, but one which… Continue reading Revelations And Miles Davis

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Just Got Paid

If you talk to people who don’t know anything about live professional performance, you’re likely to hear an opinion that “real musicians” don’t use backing tracks. But if you know anything at all about live performance, you know that’s just not true. Many of the world’s top performers use backing tracks. What I can’t figure… Continue reading Just Got Paid

A Windhaven Christmas

We recorded our Christmas CD, A Windhaven Christmas, for family and friends, and never had any intention of selling it. We still stand by that, but we thought that in the spirit of the Christmas season, we would offer the CD to anyone who wants it. It’s not for sale, though. Send no money. It’s… Continue reading A Windhaven Christmas

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