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Obama Spending Binge Never Happened

One of the most dreaded aspects of the looming presidential election has to be the mountain of lies that are going to be peddled out to the American public by the Far Right. The rhetoric is already stunning. Not so much that one side is so willing to peddle outright lies about a sitting American […]

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How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterm Elections

I just read an excellent article by Timothy Egan at the New York Times, discussing how President Obama essentially saved the day and saw his party sent to the showers anyway. It’s a good example of the disconnect that the average American has with cold, hard facts. In the end, what took a bite out […]

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Conservative Textbooks – Brazen Indoctrination In Texas

If you haven’t heard about the unbelievable moves in Texas to inject textbooks with Right-Wing Conservative ideology, it’s time to get up to speed. Activists on the Texas State Board of Education have been making changes to the curriculum in Texas that will help indoctrinate their children into a radically Conservative world-view, in the hope […]

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The Tea Party’s Bizarre And Toxic Take on History

I’ve been trying to explain to some of my well-meaning, but terribly misguided relatives why I have such a fundamental problem with the so-called Tea Party “movement”. Then I ran across an excellent article by Ron Rosenbaum on the Slate web site, which discusses the Tea Party revisionism and why, as I’ve contended, it’s dangerous […]

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Nine Myths You Need To Know About Socialism in the United States

by Bill Quigley, CommonDreams.org Glenn Beck and other far right multi-millionaires are claiming that the US is hot on the path towards socialism. Part of their claim is that the US is much more generous and supportive of our working and poor people than other countries. People may wish it was so, but it is […]

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The Rage Is Not About Health Care: It’s All Partisan Politics

An excellent article by columnist Frank Rich in the New York Times addresses some of the issues I looked at in my last article. It’s a good read, and brings up prescient points that we should all keep in mind. ~ Wicasta There were times when last Sunday’s great G.O.P. health care implosion threatened to […]

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Texas Approves Curriculum Revised by Conservatives

An article by James McKinley Jr. in the New York Times illustrates just why Conservative ideology is so dangerous. Conservatives are not content with their ambition of merely controlling the government, they want to control what people think. What better way to do that, and what better way to revise history, than to attack the […]

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