Ybor Saturday Market – Aug 29, 2009

I’ll be hanging out at the Floozees Doozees booth at the Ybor Saturday Market in Centennial Park, in the old Ybor City section of Tampa this coming Saturday. Come on out and check out some of Victoria’s excellent custom t-shirts, jewelry and candle rings. We’ll sing us a song together or something. Ybor Saturday Market… Continue reading Ybor Saturday Market – Aug 29, 2009

Musical Illuminations

I’ve been donating my old guitar and bass strings to Victoria’s Floozees Doozees company, with which she’s been making the most amazing candle rings. She calls this series “Musical Illuminations”, and I’m quite excited about it. The gist of it is that each candle ring is made from one or more strings which have come… Continue reading Musical Illuminations

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