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Never Dead

A Few Hard, Bitter Blows

I’ve recently finished the rebuild of my recording computer, which I call “Old Blue”. Long story short, the main hard drive crashed. Hard, bitter blows. Like so many other morons before me, the drive wasn’t properly backed up.

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No Profanity Sign

Frelling Science Fiction Profanity

I’ve always absorbed ideas and words organically. We all do, really, without realizing it. For example, when watching an old concert video not too awfully long ago, I was surprised to realize how much of my daily dialogue and useful catch phrases were stolen from Richard Pryor. No, not that I drop profanity all over […]

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Mad Scientist Bomb

Building A Better Bomb

I’m about to start a complete overhaul of this web site. This has been a long time coming, and is something that will definitely benefit the casual user of the establishment. For one thing, I’m stripping out most of the bullshit (but not all… what’s life without some bullshit?). Don’t worry, I don’t expect you […]

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Big Bang Theory

Is The Big Bang Theory Offensive To Geeks?

I was very surprised when I stumbled across a discussion on Facebook about the relative offensiveness of the television show The Big Bang Theory. It had never occurred to me that the show could be offensive to anybody. Well… in all honesty, I can sort of see where people might find theoretical reason to take […]

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Wither Away

It’s hard being silent to keep the peace When certain maggots know that they’re out of reach But when the meat is gone, at the end of the day We can watch the maggots wither away. We can watch the maggots wither away. We can watch the maggots wither away.

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