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Happy Father’s Day, Bob

I don’t know that I’ve ever written about my father on Father’s Day. The reality of our relationship is that I really didn’t know the man. The marriage with my mother was brief (less than five years). I was a small child when they divorced, and throughout my early life on up until his death […]

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One Last Gift From Mama

When I was in North Carolina I found a box on Mama’s kitchen table in among some mail. It had a bracelet inside. Upon the bracelet was engraved the initials “WRL”. I thought about who that might be. Mama was always buying little things for people. But I couldn’t think of anyone with those initials. […]

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Celebrating Mama Peggy

Today is my mother’s birthday. She’s a hard woman to buy gifts for. Every year, in the weeks and months leading up to her birthday, I start pondering the possibilities. But I always wind up feeling like Mama has been short-changed. The problem is, what possible gift do you give to someone who is herself […]

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