My Father And 9/11

Long before the planes hit the twin towers in NYC, September 11th had a special significance for me. It was the date my father died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1984. I didn’t know him very well. He was a ghostly figure that wandered through my life once or twice a year on his way to… Continue reading My Father And 9/11

Jay Lovelace Beck

Talked to my cousin, Joey, for a couple of hours this morning. I’d written her about some things that had bothered me through the years about some information where my older brother, Jay, is concerned. I’ve never met Jay. According to Joey, through the years my Aunt Margie (who was Joey’s grandmother) had tried to… Continue reading Jay Lovelace Beck

Another Regret

The “regret” part of the title of this post refers to my regret over writing my cousin, Joey, about some of the issues I’ve dealt with through the years. I felt like I needed to say something, but I regret doing so. It’s all foremost on my mind this morning, though, and I need to… Continue reading Another Regret

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