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Mississippi Judge Jails Attorney for Not Reciting Pledge of Allegiance

By Holbrook Mohr and Adrian Sainz Associated Press A Mississippi judge jailed a lawyer for several hours for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, ordering the attorney to “purge himself” of contempt by standing and repeating the oath like the rest of the courtroom. After Oxford attorney Danny Lampley spent about five hours in […]

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The Government’s New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS

According to a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court, it’s perfectly acceptable for agents of the federal government to sneak onto your property at night, stick a GPS tracking device to the bottom of your car, and then proceed to track your every move—all without a warrant. The federal court has ruled that Drug Enforcement […]

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Museum Guide Fired for Sex Talk

(Note: While we here at The Watch are among the first to condemn proselytizing in any form, we think there should be some moderation. The woman mentioned in this article did not seem to be pushing a religious view as much as expressing a personal opinion. We will never find a middle ground until people […]

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