Behringer V-Amp 2

I never had much of a fondness for the POD type amp emulators. I mean, they were fine for knocking around, and using for practice amps, like when you were sitting out on the back porch learning that new song. But I was never overly impressed with their sound quality. Most of them do a… Continue reading Behringer V-Amp 2

Behringer Ultrabass BX300

I wasn’t shopping for an amp when I went into the store where I got this. I think I had gone there to pick up a guitar that I was having set-up. While I was waiting for the paperwork, I played a bass through a Behringer BX300. I was surprised at how great an amp… Continue reading Behringer Ultrabass BX300

Behringer Bass V-Amp

I bought this amp emulator, along with a V-Amp 2 for my guitar, because I’d been missing my old Rockman X-100. I’d missed being able to just go wherever, plug in my guitar, put on some headphones and rock out. What I wasn’t expecting was just how good the sounds are. I’ve heard a lot… Continue reading Behringer Bass V-Amp

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