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Aria Cat Bass - Front

Aria Pro II “Cat Bass”

I bought this bass out of the junk pile at Hames Music (a section where they displayed the junk that people had traded in). After selling my Alembic in the great Florida debacle of 1991, I was trying to find some way to re-capture that Alembic sound that I missed so much. This bass was […]

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Aria Pro II TSB-350 - Front

Aria Pro II TSB-350 “Thor Sound”

According to the Aria USA web site, the TSB-350 “Thor Sound” basses were made from 1981 to 1983. I believe I bought this one in 1982. But to be honest, so much time has past that I’m really not sure.

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Carlo Robell Fretless - Front

Carlo Robelli SSBFL Fretless

I didn’t go looking for a fretless bass. I kind of found this Carlo Robelli SSBFL fretless by accident. Which, I’m told, is the best way to find a fretless bass. But honestly, I’d always associated fretless electric bass with people like Jaco Pastorius, whom I admired but had no intention of copying. I’d always thought […]

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Carlo Robelli 12-String Bass - Front

Carlo Robelli USB-12B 12-String

I first saw this a Carlo Robelli USB-12B 12-String bass in a Sam Ash catalog in late 2003. My first thought was “cool”. Over time I decided that at $400, this was one hell of a deal on a 12-string bass. Over the next several months I talked myself into and then out of buying […]

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Carlo Robelli USB896 6-String

It was in 2004 that I first discovered Carlo Robelli instruments. I really wasn’t in the market for a 6-string bass. But when I put my Carlo Robelli 12-string on layaway, this was one of the basses that I played while I was waiting. In retrospect, that might’ve been a mistake, because I wound up […]

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Alembic Spoiler - Front

1984 Alembic Spoiler

If ever there was one instrument which could convince you of the spirituality and presence of certain instruments, this bass is it. For example, it isn’t a spectacularly beautiful bass, but whenever it is removed from its case in a crowd of musicians, they gather from all corners of the room. According to Alembic, the […]

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