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Yes, Virginia. Stupid People Vote.

I saw a post on Facebook today that was simply breathtaking in its stupidity. Apparently it’s very popular with the wingnut crowd, because it’s been making the rounds since at least July of 2008. What surprised me was that the person who posted it was not a stupid person by any stretch of the imagination. […]

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Mitt Romney - I'm Speaking

Disrespecting An American President

When President Barack Obama took the stage at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the first thing that struck me was the fact that Mr. Stewart would not be seated before the President. He just wouldn’t sit down until President Obama had seated himself. It was a genuine gesture. Not one of fealty to a […]

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The Presidential Debate, October 3, 2012

In the lead-up to the first presidential debate of 2012, I’ve been warning people not get too cocky about President Obama’s chances. Americans have watched the Romney campaign repeatedly shoot itself in the foot and had generally began to assume that Mitt Romney was an idiot who could barely tie his shoes. The reality, however, […]

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Obama American Flag

The Pointless Obama Flag Controversy

It always amazes me how desperately folks on the Right scramble for things to be offended by. It’s one thing to take something someone actually said and get worked into a lather about it. But it takes a special kind of ignorant to get in an uproar over something that’s been a part of American […]

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Obama 2016 Poster

Is “2016 Obama’s America” Treasonous Propaganda?

If you haven’t noticed, the Righties are in an uproar over a popular new movie called “2016: Obama’s America”. They’re putting on their tin-foil hats and heading out to the big city to watch their prejudice and conspiracy theories dance across the screen at the big picture show. Suffice it to say, “2016: Obama’s America” is […]

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Obama Burger

Obama’s Dijon Mustard Scandal

When I first came across President Obama’s thorny Dijon mustard “scandal”, I thought it was a joke. I figured it had to be one of those fake articles from The Onion, or at least a premise for a Terry Pratchett novel. But no, my friends. There is a calamity befalling us. Americans are faced with […]

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Fox Refuses To Air Obama Press Conference

Is anyone really surprised that the Fox network has stated that it will not air President Obama’s press conference on Wednesday 29th, but will air an episode of Lie To Me instead? There’s an irony-tinged joke in there somewhere, but I’m too polite to go for it. Write your own jokes. Fox makes it easy. […]

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