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Tony Rogers & Wicasta

Rediscovered Poetic Justice Tunes

I just mixed and mastered some old Poetic Justice tunes that I found when cleaning up my studio. If I recall, we had intended to lay down the drum tracks to some songs we were working on, then go back in and record guitar, bass and vocals. We got the drum tracks down, but the […]

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The Just In Time Band

Band Practice #2

I don’t want to get into the habit of writing about band practice, but I met with the guys in Largo for the second time last night. If nothing else, it’s worth mentioning because I think #2 went better than #1. We did easier songs, I didn’t have a cold, and I was a lot […]

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Nasty Savage & The Pits

1989 The actual name of the band was “Nasty Savage & The Pits”, but we later shortened it to just “The Pits” because we’d found out there was some asshole putting out records as Nasty Savage. This band was literal a joke, and included Gary Ramsey, Danny Bridges and myself. It was ostensibly a punk […]

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1986, 1988 It could probably be said that RMS was my first “real band”. It was certainly my first experience playing with a full band, and not just sitting around jamming with one or two other people. The version of the RMS I was in was the second incarnation of the band. There was a […]

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1986-1987 Yes, I was once a member of a band with the improbable name of Legend. Make up your own joke or comment. I won’t do your work for you. Legend was originally formed by a group of teachers from Central School in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. By the time I joined the band most […]

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Childers & Ramsey

1983-1989 It might not be accurate to describe this project as a band. Or even as a project. But before I ever played in a band, I jammed with Gary Ramsey. Neither of us were good enough to play in “a real band”. But we were good enough to jam with each other. I went […]

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1982-1984 I was light-man for Roller. I never played in the band. But it was my first experience with Rock & Roll. My first time on the road. Hotels. Clubs. Traveling. Drinking. Drugs. Starvation. Paying dues. All that good stuff. I was going to add women to that list. But the women didn’t notice the […]

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