Another Dawn, Another Day

I sat outside this morning after seeing Victoria off to work and looked around me. The sky was dark off toward Tampa with angry storm clouds. All around me the winds swirled with that soft sense of impending chaos which always precedes an approaching storm. At first, there were no squirrels. There never are at… Continue reading Another Dawn, Another Day

Lucius & Claire

Two new additions to the household. We received these feral kittens on November 9th, 2010, and named them (left to right) Lucius and Claire. I’ve just posted their photo to the image gallery. This isn’t something I’m used to posting updates for, so I’m not sure how to link it up. I mean, if I… Continue reading Lucius & Claire

Goodbye Albert

I lost a friend the other day. As I think on it now I have to admit that I didn’t know him very well. Our friendship was still fairly new when he died. But I’d already found a great fondness in my heart for him. He would come running when he saw me, and he… Continue reading Goodbye Albert

Squirrel Therapy

Victoria and I just enjoyed a little quality time with the squirrels in the back yard. We’ve recently been given a wonderful gift – one that we never expected to experience again. A few days ago one of the squirrels came up to me as I sat in the chair on the patio, climbed my… Continue reading Squirrel Therapy

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