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So What Does “Animal Cruelty” Mean In Pinellas County, Florida Exactly?

Unreal! Saint Petersburg, Florida, police seized this animal from its owner, our neighbor, and opened an animal cruelty investigation because of the condition the dog was found in. This beautiful animal was left outside on the neighbor’s front porch in a crate without food and water for God knows how long, and was covered in […]

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Praying For Sunny The Squirrel

One of our favorite moments of each day is when we get to see our favorite crazy squirrel, Sunny. We haven’t seen a lot of her lately, though. She recently had babies, so that’s not so odd. But still it was a little strange because even though Sunny had disappeared for a few days (when […]

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Little Bear Was Here

A squirrel died today. That won’t mean anything to most people. But we called this squirrel “Little Bear”. To put it in the most human terms, she was the daughter of our beloved Sunny, the squirrel who has brought so much light into our lives. Little Bear wasn’t very old. She died from what I […]

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49th Avenue Squirrel Posse

49th Ave Squirrel Posse

I’ve fed the squirrels in the back yard of our house in Saint Petersburg for a long time. In that time I’ve come to know a lot of them on what I considered a personal basis, in that there was some level of basic communication, even if it was just “Hey, peanut guy. Give me […]

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Another Dawn, Another Day

I sat outside this morning after seeing Victoria off to work and looked around me. The sky was dark off toward Tampa with angry storm clouds. All around me the winds swirled with that soft sense of impending chaos which always precedes an approaching storm. At first, there were no squirrels. There never are at […]

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Lucius & Claire - The New Kitties

Lucius & Claire

Two new additions to the household. We received these feral kittens on November 9th, 2010, and named them (left to right) Lucius and Claire. I’ve just posted their photo to the image gallery. This isn’t something I’m used to posting updates for, so I’m not sure how to link it up. I mean, if I […]

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