Super Bowl Sunday And The Panthers

Well, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. It still seems strange to me to think that the Carolina Panthers are playing in the Super Bowl.
Mama just called and told me that the Panthers were winning in the 4th quarter, 22-21, with 3:42 to go. The last time she called the score was 10-4 favoring the Patriots. So apparently this game is a bit of a battle between two fairly evenly matched teams. As I told Mama, though, a lot can happen in 3 minutes.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Panthers can pull it of. It would be nice for one of my teams to go all the way. If the Raiders can’t do it, I’ll take a panthers win. But I, like a lot of other people, don’t dare get my hopes up, and I’m already bracing for a possible loss by telling myself, “well, at least they made it to the Super Bowl. That’s something in and of itself.”
Here’s to hoping the Panthers bring home a trophy. But I dare not hope. 😉

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