Sunday Indecision

I’m bored. Big surprise, huh? I had all sorts of plans about things I was going to do today, but I seem to have nerfed that effort by sleeping late this morning (I needed the sleep, I guess, given my epic journey to Canada and back, hehe – more on that when I update the unposted … um … posts) and making a mistake in my domain configuration for
I have a new server. No, not the fancy dedicated server. I never could get that to work, and the host, LiquidWeb, never gave me any decent support in that regard. They were kind of like “What? You can’t access you cPanel and use you $200 a month server? Oh, well.” Right. It didn’t take me long to set up shop elsewhere and cancel my contract with them. Anyway, I wound up on a much cheaper server which will do just fine for me.
Well, I had planned to upload my personal web site today and start getting things straightened out, but Doh!, I forgot to update the nameservers yesterday when I came in. Well, actually, I did, but I hadn’t registered the new nameservers, and so the update didn’t take. Point is, it’s 13:15 on a Sunday afternoon. I just updated the name servers, and I’ll be hitting the hay early tonight because I have to be 100 miles away by 09:00 in the morning. Anyone see a problem here?
Okay, so it’ll happen next week. If nothing else, I’m good at waiting. It’s enough for me to know that the great server nightmare, this wandering in the desert, is about over. I can wait one more week. But I’m really looking forward to being able to just use my blog and update files without having to go through the knuckle-breaking process that my current provider forced me into.
I realize this is a post that few people will understand. But it makes me feel better to bitch about it. So there.

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