Stripe Needs a Home

StripeHere’s a pic of my kitty. Her name is Stripe. And she, like me, is soon to be homeless. The difference is, I can go sleep in a truck. Stripe will have to rely upon her looks. She’s not that bright, so looks is all she has.
My mother is living in a small apartment that doesn’t allow pets, so she can’t take her. I work for a trucking company that doesn’t allow pets on the trucks, so I can’t keep her. Once I’m out of the house, we really don’t know what to do with Stripe. Taking her to the pound is out of the question. But none of my relatives or friends are interested.
Any ideas? I’m open to suggestions.
Does anyone live reasonably close to Kings Mountain, North Carolina (or in the Charlotte area), who wouldn’t mind taking in this pretty little lady? She’s 7 years old this month, has been “fixed” and has had all of her shots (as far as I know).
Anyone who’s interested can write me at
By the way, if you want a good Awwwwwwwwwww factor, click on the pic to see a larger image.

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