Strat, Destroyer & Alembic

Guitars in 7-slot StandI sprang some of my guitars from storage today. My Stratocaster, Destroyer and Alembic. Damn, but I’m rusty. Hopefully now that Mama has said that I can keep some of the guitars at her house, I’ll have a chance to play more. And I still intend to take a couple on the truck with me.
I’m especially rusty on bass. So the Alembic is going on the truck, dammit. Playing that thing today felt like I was playing it with someone else’s fingers. It was a shock. I could still peel off a few riffs, but I had zero stamina. But what did I expect? It’s been how long since I played it? I honestly can’t tell you. It’s been that long.
I lined up the guitars in the new rack and just stared at them for a bit. Mama may never know what she’s given me by letting me keep them there. I have my babies back. I can touch them. They’re real. I was beginning to regard them as distant memories and abstract concepts.

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