Spying on Americans. Still.

President BushI’ve posted 3 articles to the Watch Alert archive regarding the Bush Adminstration’s spying scandal. These articles discuss different aspects of this issue, but are all inter-related by their subject matter.

Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program – Apparently there were some good, decent people in the law enforcement community who had concerns about the legality of what the Bush Administration was doing.

Schumer Seeks Motive in U.S. Spy Probe – After the National Security Administration (NSA) ominously announced an investigation into who leaked the information about President Bush’s authorization for the NSA’s spying on American citizens, some people began to wonder if this was an intimidation tactic to quell others from coming forward.

US spies said to share eavesdropping data – Oh, yeah. It doesn’t stop with the NSA. The information collected by the NSA on American citizens was shared with the Defense Intelligence Agency, among other agencies, and would be made available to the FBI,
DIA, CIA and Department of Homeland Security, for further investigation.

And in closing, I’d like to mention a solid reference from Media Matters. I’ve just listed the individual headings here, so I encourage you to read the entire article for details. Essentially, what follows is a list of the lies and spin that is being peddled around by the Republicans and by the Conservative media. If you want to hear this garbage, just switch channels to Fox News or tune your radio into any of the Conservative talk shows. This is what they’re all saying.

Top 12 media myths and falsehoods on the Bush administration’s spying scandal.

  1. Timeliness necessitated bypassing the FISA court.
  2. Congress was adequately informed of — and approved — the administration’s actions.
  3. Warrantless searches of Americans are legal under the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
  4. Clinton, Carter also authorized warrantless searches of U.S. citizens.
  5. Only Democrats are concerned about the Bush administration’s secret surveillance.
  6. Debate is between those supporting civil liberties and those seeking to prevent terrorism.
  7. Bin Laden phone leak demonstrates how leak of spy operation could damage national security.
  8. Gorelick testimony proved Clinton asserted “the same authority” as Bush.
  9. Aldrich Ames investigation is example of Clinton administration bypassing FISA regulations.
  10. Clinton administration conducted domestic spying.
  11. Moussaoui case proved that FISA probable-cause standard impedes terrorism probes.
  12. A 2002 FISA review court opinion makes clear that Bush acted legally.
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