Spirits Lifted… Briefly

My spirits lifted briefly today. Mama wrote me yesterday and said that she had talked to Paul Yale and that he seemed to think that the meeting on Monday to finalize the load would go on as planned. I’ve been in better spirits today, just thinking that the torment that this loan has become may finally be over next week. So a little of the funk that’s hung over us these past few weeks had lifted.
At least until mama’s e-mail today. Andy Neisler did not call her like he was supposed to (a recurring theme). No one seems to understand what the problem is but Andy Neisler; not Paul Yale, the bank that is supposed to be owed the judgement (they say it was paid), or Geoffrey Planer (Mama’s bankruptcy lawyer).
At this point I think it might behoove me to ask Andy Neisler if he gets a commission if he recovers judgments. The only reason I can think of that he would pursue it even when the bank says it’s been paid is that there’s something in it for him.

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