I just picked up a load from a place called Seamless Sensations in Chester, South Carolina. I rarely ever mention a customer’s name, but I did so this time for a reason.
First off, who knew there were so many pretty women in Chester, South Carolina?
Secondly, there were a few sparks between me and the young lady who readied my paperwork. At least on my end. Her body language said there were on her end, as well. But, of course, beyond a few looks and an instant familiarity, neither of us said or did anything about it.
I only mention this because it was nice. For a moment I was twenty years old again and all the world lay before me. I’ve come to think of myself as something of an ogre, and am genuinely surprised when someone is attracted to me. I’m told having your spouse leave you for someone else does horrific things to your self-esteem. I believe it. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I have to offer that anyone might want is my music and maybe my writing. Like that’s the only part of me that someone could be attracted to.
It’s funny how turning the head of a pretty girl can make you feel alive again. Or at least feeling that mutual attraction can. I’ll savor it while I can. In a few days I’ll just be staring down the road again, counting my pennies and planning out which piece of recording equipment I might buy first if the Fates ever grant me a string of good paychecks.
I’m trying not to bemoan the fact that I’m getting old and I’m just bone-weary. Soul-weary. But if I was twenty years old again, I would have left Chester, South Carolina with a phone number and a date. As it was, I never even asked her name.

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