Spam From Senator George LeMieux

You know, it’s always annoying when you receive unsolicited e-mail from politicians. I mean, I get enough spam on a daily basis without having to wade through political bullshit from politicians who’ve gotten their hands on my e-mail address somehow. But when you’ve repeatedly requested to be removed from their mailing list, it’s especially annoying.

I’ve been getting updates from Florida politician Sen. George LeMieux, and this annoys me (parly because he’s a Republican and spouts typical Republican bullshit) because although I’ve clicked on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of his e-mails at least five times and dutifully gone through the process of removing my e-mail address from LeMieux’s mailing list, he (or his staff – what’s the difference?) keeps sending me crap.

WTF? What do I have to do to get through to this guy and his organization that I don’t want to hear what he’s saying? I can hear his crap on Fox News, coming from any number of faceless politicians who are more interested in putting their political ideology above the interests of the country. I don’t need this crap in my inbox on a semi-daily basis.

I suppose if anything has annoyed me about receiving e-mail from Sen. George LeMieux, it’s that I’ve taken the time to go to his web site and remove my e-mail address from his mailing list, only to have my unsubscribe requests ignored. How is this kind of automatic harassment going to win him a vote from someone who thinks most Republicans are assholes anyway? Am I supposed to think more kindly of George LeMieux and other Republicans because they’ve forced me to change my e-mail address?

In the overall scheme of things, this is a non-issue. I realize that this is a systemic thing. Somehow or another they got hold of my e-mail address, and I’m just being send newsletters along with everyone else on the list. I know there’s no personal agenda, and that Sen. George LeMieux has never heard of me and certainly isn’t trying to has harass me. But it’s still annoying that a politicia I’ve never heard (or his staff – what’s the difference?) is sending me his political newsletter, and has ignored my requests to have my e-mail address removed. To me, small details like that speak volumes about the character of the man. I’ll keep that in mind come November.

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12 years ago

I have had the same problem with George Lemieux.
I don’t live in Florida and this a-hole has me on his propaganda list.
Three times I have attempted to unsubscribe. His SPAMMER says it was successful, but I still get the email.
I went to the trouble of contacting Airnet to complain about his practices.
By this way, this fiscal conservative D-Bag has a staff of ~50 people being paid over $3.5 million per year.

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