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Sound Bullets In America

Oh, joy. The Government has found even more creative ways to keep us upstarts in-line.  Well, it’s not the Government just yet. But give them time. They’ll get around to using this stuff.
I read today about how researchers at Cal Tech, using a modified rendition of Newton’s cradle (those stainless steel balls suspended by wire that make a seemingly endless clatter once set in motion), have figured out a means of concentrating and amplifying sound waves in a way that makes them an extremely destructive acoustic force.
The team essentially used a metamaterial to create an acoustic lens. They lined up 21 parallel rows of ball bearings on the acoustic lens, each containing 21 bearings with weights attached to the end to vary the pressure in each row. The team then dropped another small ball onto one end of a row, causing a compression wave to travel down the row. But unlike Newton’s cradle, the system doesn’t let the last ball carry the compression wave outward; rather, the energy is passed into the metamaterial, which tightly focuses the waves to a spot a few inches away from the acoustic lens. They created acoustic “sound bullets”, in essence.
Unlike conventional lead bullets, sound bullets can travel through air, liquid and solids alike, carrying devastating energy along as they go. If weaponized, a sound bullet system could create waves to blast holes in submarines or reach into underground bunkers with devastating shock waves.
Oh, joy. I really look forward to our Government weaponizing this technology. The U.S. Government has already deployed so-called “non-lethal weapons”, called LRAD (Long-Range Acoustic Device), against Americans on at least two occasions. First during the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City (deployed but not used). Second during the 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (where it was used – to supplement some good, old-fashioned head-cracking, when 1200 Riot Police and Military Personnel attacked a group of 300 or so Americans, many of them students didn’t even know a protest was even going on, with batons, tear gas, pepper spray, sound weapons, and rubber bullets).
My first thought when reading about this latest technology is that our Government really doesn’t need more powerful acoustic weapons. I mean, the LRAD weapons are mostly unpleasant, and are decidedly “non-lethal” – they might damage your hearing or cause other harm, but they’re unlikely to kill you. This new technology, however, is much more powerful, and shows the potential of blasting holes into underground bunkers and blowing chunks out of submarines. This new technology definitely has the potential to kill Americans.
Not that this technology is any more diabolical than an automatic rifle in the hands of a National Guardsman. It merely sounds less dangerous. It’s the potential for mass slaughter that worries me. What happens the first time protesters are targeted by an under-trained Guardsman who blasts a crater into the middle of a crowded street? Does that sound like something from a Science Fiction movie? Well, rest assured. If this technology could blow holes out of a submarine, it’ll definitely be able to buckle the asphalt in the streets of any American city.
Of course, most of the sheeple that I know will be quick to point out that our government wouldn’t possibly use this technology against its own people. I mean, its past record on not abusing American citizens is so stellar, right? It’s not like they’re deploying these kinds of weapons against Americans already…
Oh… wait… they are, aren’t they?
That’s essentially my point. This technology will be weaponized. New technology almost always is. And they’re using these types of weapons already.

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