Somewhere in the Vicinity of Hegins

Somewhere in the vicinity of Hegins, Pennsylvania. Well, I just passed the exit on I-81 south, anyway. I’m headed down into the Washington, D.C. area for a 10:00 delivery. I wish I’d run on down and gotten a leg up on the traffic, but I was attacked and overcome by the sleep monster. I should get into the area in plenty of time to make my delivery, but I’m probably going to sit in morning traffic for a bit.
My pattern is all screwed up. Because I’m not getting much sleep I’m having to stop and steal 3-4 hour naps. But those naps throw me behind, and then being behind prevents me from getting a full sleep period later on. The cycle repeats, over and over again.
I got off-track on Monday. I made my delivery at 09:00 without much sleep. But I figured I could keep going, and expected the company to get me dispatched relatively quickly, it being Monday and all. So I settled into the sleeper berth with a book (which was You Suck: A Love Story), expecting an impending dispatch.
They didn’t send me another load until about 15:00. Thanks to the book I’d lost track of time and, to my horror, realized I’d missed a chance for a 6 hour nap. By the time I went foraging for fuel (finding a place around 17:00), my reserves were running low and I needed a nap. I had hit the road Monday morning with 4-5 hours of sleep and had been up for around 12 hours. So I took a nap. That’s where the pattern started.
I picked up my load in Burgaw, North Carolina around 23:00 and was off for Massachusetts (a long haul). I made it as far as our terminal in Chester, Virginia before I took another nap (though I have an excuse – the trailer I picked up the shipper was missing a mud flap, and I had to wait for our shop to open to replace it).
Anyway, as you can see, the pattern had set.
I’m partly to blame because I should have gotten more sleep on Sunday night. But the company is to blame, as well, for leaving me sitting there for 6 hours, slowly leaking out my energy. Besides, if not for the Canada trip and not getting home until Saturday night, I might not have been sitting there on Sunday evening, clinging to each precious moment that I was out of the truck, and knowing that the only thing between me and getting back into the truck was that next sleep period.
Hey, I can blame Mama, too. Because of the Super Bowl, Criminal Minds ran late. Mama stayed up until almost midnight watching it. I couldn’t very well run her out of her own living room. I guess I could have showered and walked up to the truck, and got plenty of sleep. But, well, I didn’t (see previous issue).
I suppose my life would go a lot easier if I just accepted my fate and didn’t resist the truck. Just get back in and go. And really, isn’t the bunk in the truck a lot more comfortable than Mama’s sofa? So why do I keep winding up on the sofa?
Man, I have to finish my laptop upgrades and start getting into those hotel rooms on the weekend. See, I’m going to go there to write, and I’m going to …
Oh, nevermind. I’ll probably hang out at Mama’s and play World of Warcraft. How sad is that?

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