Somewhere In Connecticut

Somewhere in Connecticut, at the first rest area down from the Massachusetts border on I-84. I stopped here for a nap. There’s a state trooper here in the rest area. It’s amazing how well Connecticut’s ban on truck idling is observed when there’s a state trooper nearby.
Works for me. I’ve been enjoying Massachusetts and Connecticut today. The leaves are starting to change. The air is crisp. I couldn’t describe my mood as upbeat, but the soft touch of autumn makes me feel better.
I saw something that I thought was funny. An older couple, bundled up like a couple of Eskimos, driving down the road in their convertable with the top down. That must be a NorthEastern thing. Let’s bundle up and go riding in chilly weather with the top down. Is this the modern equivalent of a sleigh ride? Hay ride? I can’t blame them. I’ve certainly enjoyed the feel and smells of autumn. Even overcast, this is a nice day.

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