Something More

You’ll never know how much I long
to be the dutiful son
who could bring you on this Christmas day
laughter, family and fun
but I am made of ill-fitting pieces
and have wandered meandering roads
to wind up here in this uneasy silence
aching to be something more

What gift could I ever give you
that would show my love and regard
or my undying appreciation
for making little go so very far
that only as a man do I understand
that we were, in fact, rather poor,
and I find myself in uneasy silence
wishing I was something more

Instead of giggling grand-kids
I can bring you only my songs
or a few disturbing stories
that I wrote once when I was strong
or a handful of hasty sketches
I made once when I was bored
shall I sing to fill the silence
and keep wishing I was something more?

Kings Mountain, NC
December 15, 2006
Dedicated to Peggy Joyce Chaney

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