So Long John

Lately I’ve been thinking about putting together a new song. Recording one, I mean. I don’t have much in the way of equipment, so it will have to be a simpler one (no orchestral, ambient or experimental sounds here). When I started thinking about this, one song immediately came to mind. It’s something I started when my uncle, Loyd, lay in the hospital dying. I won’t try to explain why it’s not called “So Long Loyd.” Loyd would understand. Right, John?
Anyway, while I was driving down to Valdosta, Georgia last night, the lyrics finished themselves. Somehow that seems fitting, here near Samhain when the veil between worlds is thin. It also seems fitting that I get back to recording after 13 long years with this song.
If anybody cares, this is what I intend to be working on the next couple of weekends.
There are times when life is young,
And all our deeds are yet undone.
I heard them say you’ll leave today,
So if I may, so long John.

There are time when life is sweet,
And all the world’s lain at our feet.
I heard them say you’ll leave today,
So if I may, so long John.
Today’s the time when all the
diamonds cease to glitter
And life is measured in shallow breaths.
If you leave today, I hope you find your way,
Just let me say …
If I miss you and I weep
Will it mean that I am weak?
I heard them say you left today,
So if I may … so long, John.

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