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Sleepy But Productive

I’m up about two hours past my bedtime. I was wrapping up some things on the Internet around 23:30 and was figuring on going to bed, and then realized I’d royally fucked up. Earlier I’d had a fairly major success by getting my fancy new genealogy program to work on my web site (it’s at if you’re interested). But right before I was going to bed, I realized that my old habit of not really reading the instructions had bit me in the ass again. This after I’d already set up the program and imported my big-ass genealogy file with over 12,000 people in it. What I’d done was miss the part where they said “the first User you set up is the default administrator and must have certain privileges”. I’d set up my mother as the first user and limited her administration privileges. Doh!
Well, the result of that bit of brilliance was that when I logged out, I couldn’t log back in. Mama was set as the default administrator, and she didn’t have the permissions to add new users and such. So that meant that I could log in as Mama, but I couldn’t do anything fancy. And oddly enough, adding new users is something that might come in handy.
I did the only thing I could. I deleted the database, un-installed the program, and started all over. Now I’m sitting here waiting for the big-ass genealogy file to upload those 12,000 people again. My eyes are burning, I’m yawning like a sheik in a harem full of ugly women, and I just want to go to bed.
But on the upside, I’m really proud of this program. It’s going to be great. I’ve always wanted a way to share all of my genealogy information with the family, and this is it. Not that many of them will come look, but it’s there if someone wants to. That’s just cool.

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