Signing Autographs

I just had a truly surreal moment. Dunno why, but I signed in at the shipper where I just picked up as Wicasta Lovelace (which I usually don’t, because “Kevin” gets fewer questions). The clerk asked me if that was “Wicasta, as in Malleus and Caldwell Wicasta” Hehe. I almost started running. Sometimes life presents you with situations in which dropping everything and running is the only logical course of action.
Dude explained that his wife was a fan of Caldwell, and that his niece was studying the Malleus in college. He’d remembered my name because of it, and knew that I was a truck driver from his wife keeping up with my blog, but said he never expected that I’d actually pick up from where he works. We had a good laugh out of it, he introduced me to some of the other dock workers as “a bonafide celebrity” and he got me to sign autographs for his wife and niece.
Okay. So how fucking surreal is that? I guess that’s not a bad way to kick off your week, huh?

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