Short Break #2

Man. Lucky thing my bed is covered with debris, or this would be short nap #1. I’m beginning to wear down. That four hours of sleep I got last night didn’t go very far.
I have quite a few things on the truck. The untrained eye might not be able to tell that I’m making progress, but I can see it. My body can feel it, too. Except for the bed, the bedroom suite is on the truck. Along with about two dozen boxes. I’ve made a hell of a dent, but this is obviously going to be an all-day thing.
I think I might clear off the bed and go take a nap until Mama shows up this morning. All in all, I’m pleased with progress so far. Being a truck driver and being conditioned to long hauls is working in my favor right now. You don’t think about your final destination. You think of the next waypoint. That’s really all I’m focusing on. Reach the next waypoint. The truck will be loaded when it’s loaded.

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