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Short Break #1

I’m taking a little break from the festivities. Haven’t done a lot so far, but I’ve made progress. There is stuff on the struck, including the console television from the living room, and the basin sink that we bought for the bathroom but (for obvious reasons) never installed. I’ve put quite a few boxes on there, as well.
I made a pot of coffee. Though I don’t usually drink much coffee, I have twelve pounds of dark roasted Gevalia coffee. It used to be a tradition. I can’t think of a better time to honor it.
Next thing on the agenda is the bedroom suite. Dresser and chest first. I guess I should go ahead and load the bed, as well. I could never get that thing in the van to take into storage later. Really, though, I’m thinking I might have to keep the truck until tomorrow. Mostly because I can’t imagine that I’ll have the energy to unload it later today. We’ll see. If it looks like I’ll keep the truck overnight, I’ll load the bed last so I’ll have somewhere to sleep tonight.
That makes sense. Put in a long day and get a good night’s sleep. I have concerns about what my company is going to say about me taking even more time, but as I keep repeating, whether they like it or not, this has to be done.

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