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Savannah-bound Zombie

About 30 miles north of Columbia, South Carolina. I’m on my way to Savannah. As usual, I’m travelling on very little sleep. Had a two hour nap that kept being interrupted. So I don’t know if it even counts. Oh, well. I’ve gone farther than I’m going on less sleep.
One of these days when I have an early Monday delivery, I’m going to leave on Sunday afternoon and get into the consignee’s area early enough to get a good night’s sleep and be refreshed on Monday morning.
Somehow heading into my week as a zombie has become a tradition. Apparently I hate to break with tradition. Even recent ones.
The problem is that I always put off leaving until the last possible minute. It occured to me that this is probably due to the fact that after being gone all week, the two days (sometimes less) that I’m off don’t feel like much. I told someone that on my first day off I feel like I just got in. On my second day off I feel like I’m getting ready to leave. Somehow it doesn’t feel so much like time-off as down-time. I might as well be sitting at a truck stop for all the re-charge I get from the weekend.
I know. Whine whine. I imagine once I start getting together some of the recording equipment and start playing around, a lot will change for me. I’ll be happier, for one thing. That’s what’s missing from my life. Happiness. I am in full-blown numb and tough survival mode. I figure if I can survive this transition, happiness may be waiting somewhere on the other side.
In the meantime I wait. I’m either arriving or leaving. Maybe I put off the latter as long as possible because I keep hoping that there might be something in-between.

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