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I sat down to recount the last week or so, but realized that I just don’t want to. Sometimes I think I’m losing interest in jotting everything down. Who really cares? Oh, yeah. I went to the store today and bought a drink. Then I drank it. Aren’t you suitably impressed with my exciting existence?
I shouldn’t say that. I feel like my existence has taken a turn for the interesting thanks to Victoria. I just increasingly feel like jotting it all down takes away from the experience of living. The moment you start putting words down to chronicle what you’ve experienced, you’re living in the past and not the present. I don’t want to spend my days obsessed with who I am or might be, and what I’ve done or have thought of doing. I’d much rather post a story that I’ve written than ruminate about an idea for a story that I never get around to putting down in words.
I don’t know why all this is going through my head today. It’s a bit late to start second-guessing the habit of keeping a journal. I mean, I’ve had one going on since December of 1986. I’ve been doing this for almost twenty one years. And now I’m wondering if it’s such a good idea?
Well, anyway, I do want to mention our trip down from Kings Mountain yesterday. I enjoyed the trip. Ten hours doesn’t seem like so much when you’re in good company. I was with Victoria and her daughter Katie. That was fun for me. However much I’d like to think otherwise, there’s a layer of discomfort between Katie and I. Which is understandable. I’m just some guy who showed up and is now living in her home. She’s gracious and kind, but there are the inevitable awkward silences. Those didn’t happen so much yesterday. I was thankful for that. Hopefully Katie’s beginning to get some idea of who I am as a person. I admit that, being shy and having a tendency to keep my head down, I haven’t given her much to base her assumptions upon.
Anyway, I enjoyed the drive. But it’s damned good to be back home in St. Pete. Now if I could just work these kinks out of my shoulder, I might sallie forth and have a great day.

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