Rotosound RS66LD Swing 66 Bass Strings

Rotosound Swing Bass 66Although I’ve tried other strings through the decades, Rotosound Swing 66 bass strings are all that I’ve ever used. The only reason other bass strings have ever been on my instruments is because I couldn’t find Rotosounds at the time. I’ve never been happy with anything else. There’s good reason for it, too. If you look at the list of great bassists who have used Rotosound bass strings through the years, you might begin to get a clue that maybe the big dogs are on to something; John Paul Jones, Jaco Pastorius, Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, just to name a few.

The tone of Rotosound bass strings can’t be matched. I’ve never played any other strings that comes remotely close. Nothing else really need be said. If you’re a bass player on the search for that elusive tone of the gods, this is what you need. Start with the strings and work your way out from there.

RS 66LD | Long Scale | .45 | .65 | .80 | .105

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