1986, 1988

It could probably be said that RMS was my first “real band”. It was certainly my first experience playing with a full band, and not just sitting around jamming with one or two other people.

The version of the RMS I was in was the second incarnation of the band. There was a third version after this one, which I was also a part of. And a fourth version (which my old friend Gary Ramsey was in), which I was not a part of. I won’t comment on those other versions, because I wasn’t a part of those bands and didn’t have much interaction with them.

My version of RMS had two sets of brothers. Chris and Mark Short (my first cousins), and Danny and Larry Bridges. Added to that was a cool drummer named Fly Abee, whom I miss, and myself.

I learned a lot in RMS. It was a great experience to play a bunch of songs that I loved. I never made it to the stage with them, but it was still a great experience just practicing with those guys. I see it now as an important part of my evolution as a musician.

I later quit the band because of personality clashes with Mark Short, but I always thought the band had a lot to offer. We were tight. I also played with them a few years later in a version of the band that had the same members (except for Chris), but quit that version of the band because of personality clashes with Mark, as well. That version never made it to the stage, either.

I was never sure what “RMS” stood for exactly. The official story at the time was that it meant “root-means-square” (as in 100 watts RMS), and I also heard the idea floated that it could be made to mean “reproduced maximum sound”. But Mark never missed a chance to point out that his initials were, coincidentally, R.M.S.

I never performed live with this band. We could never keep it together long enough. But the first version and the last played live. The last version has a JamWave page dedicated to it.


  • Fly Abee – drums
  • Danny “Red” Bridges – lead guitar
  • Larry Bridges – keyboard
  • Wicasta Lovelacebass, backing vocals
  • Chris Shortrhythm guitar
  • Mark Shortlead vocals
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