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Right-Wing Personalities Updated

I’ve finally gotten off of my butt and tied in the old Conservative Personalities section. You may notice that I’ve changed the name of the section to “Right-Wing Personalities”. I thought this was more in line with the way I look at these people. Not all Conservatives are Right-Wing Neo-Con maniacs, just as not all Christians are Right-Wing Evangelical extremists. So, I thought the new tag would better define what I think of when I see these people. Besides, my girlfriend didn’t like the way I used the word “conservative”. There must be peace in the valley.

Now that this section has been ported into the new blog format, I’ll try to keep it updated better than I have in the past. I’ll also soon be adding some of the new Right-Wing nutjobs that are springing up in the cracks in the sidewalks. If you think I’ve left anyone out, I’d appreciate a heads up. I like the think I’m pretty aware of most of the nutjobs out there, but there’s no way I could keep up with all of them.

I’ll be updating the rest of the web site in the following weeks, and getting those missing sections and summations online. Bear with me. I will get it done.

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