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Return To Just In Time

I’ve agreed to play bass with the Just In Time Band. These guys are some friends who I played guitar with toward the end of last year, before various issues forced me to move on. But I’ve generally stayed in touch with them, and I was more than happy to jump back in as bass player when I got the call.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving Systematic Chaos. The Just In Time Band expects to only play a couple of gigs a month. We believe there will be no conflict between the two bands, and if worse comes to worse, it’s generally understood by both bands that Systematic Chaos is my priority. But, with that said, it’ll be fun to hang out with the guys in the Just In Time Band, and to knock around the local scene a bit while Systematic Chaos is getting up to speed with its new guitar player.

All in all, I look forward to playing with Jeff, Billy and Mark. Hopefully they feel the same about me.

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