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I’m wasting some time, waiting for my Goody’s powders to kick in. I was in bed, trying to go to sleep, but my right leg was aching so much that I was just tossing and turning. So I got up and took something. I’m not sure what I did (to my leg). The only thing that comes to mind is that I went upstairs six or seven times today. Geez. Am I that old? Am I that fat?
Wait. Don’t answer that.
I think I’m going to eat up some time by posting some back logs. I seem to write fairly frequently in my notebook, but I suck at transcribing the stuff and putting it up online. Well, I’m also uninterested. I’ve finally realized how much I’ve whined and groaned over the past year or so. Hell, all you have to do is look at my web site’s stats to see how uninteresting I’ve become. When I was driving my web site was seeing an average of 600 unique visits a day, sometimes getting as high as 800-900. Now the average is around 250 a day. Yes, friends. I am a boring old fuck. So why post more stuff that just proves that I’m a boring old fuck?
I wish I had exciting things to talk about in my blog. I’m sure I will again some day, but right now I’ve been spending most of my time working on the web site, tinkering with my computer trying to learn my recording software and sampler, and generally getting some of the remaining chaos in my life into some sense of order. Nothing that anyone wants to read about.
I’ve started recording. I mean actually recording, and not just tinkering. I might start posting about that, if I can figure out an interesting way to do so. I’ve started recording an old song of mine called Grandview. I didn’t know which way to go, but I found it comforting tinkering with the software version of my old keyboard (a Korg M1), and so I decided to revisit that. I’m already impressed by the possibilities and what I’ve recorded so far. It sounds so much better than the last recording. Now if I can just figure out what the fuck is up with GigaStudio dropping notes during playback, I could really get somewhere.
Well, I’m going to go post some of the old entries out of my notebook. So far my leg isn’t easing off, and I’ll just ramble on about everything that comes to mind here if I let myself. Suffice it to say that blogging isn’t as important to me at the moment. It’s more important to me to actually do something for a change than to just talked about. And I think I’ve finally whittled the 1,001 projects that I want to do down to a reasonably manageable dozen or so. Hopefully I’ll be able to post something new and exciting soon. Well, new and exciting for me, anyway.

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