In passing eyes…
A voice,
Or a touch.
A glance from the past,
And a moment,
Is missed,
And recalled,
Oh, such dreams,
And longing,
Swell within me,
As I consider,
A time,
And chances.
You slipped away,
In hesitation,
For I dared not hope,
That your heart,
Could be mine.

In passing eyes,
There’s regret.
A wisp of hair,
Or lips,
Near to yours,
And I’m lost…
In a glance,
And a moment.
Time and again,
When I could have held you;
When happiness,
Slipped away,
In a moment’s hesitation.
Where may I go,
That your face,
Doesn’t haunt me,
Or my heart,
Doesn’t skip,
In thinking it may be you?

Time and again,
You are there.
How I ache in the hope,
That fate may be kind,
And our paths will cross,
That I might smile,
And tell you I’ve missed you…
Another chance,
In which desire,
Will not be thwarted,
By a moment’s hesitation,
And a second,
Or a heartbeat,
When one dares not hope.

I wonder…
Where you may be,
Do you think of me?

Written in Kings Mountain, NC,
with memories of one Sherri Wyatt.