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Rediscovered Poetic Justice Tunes

I just mixed and mastered some old Poetic Justice tunes that I found when cleaning up my studio. If I recall, we had intended to lay down the drum tracks to some songs we were working on, then go back in and record guitar, bass and vocals. We got the drum tracks down, but the guitar and bass were recorded on a single track, and were meant only as a guide. We never went back and finished the recording, so there’s only drums and the guide track, and no vocals. But they sound damned good. It’s a shame we never finished them.

Anyway, if you want to hear the potential of Poetic Justice, I think it’s evident in these tracks. I’m not sure about some of the titles, but I’ve written Tony Rogers and asked for details. I’ll update the titles when I hear back from him. Let me know what you think, huh?

Just so you know, that’s me on bass, Tony Rogers on guitar and Mike Peeler on drums.

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