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Recording At Demmi’s Market

Market On 7thWe (Systematic Chaos) recorded last night at what was perhaps the most unlikely location one could imagine; Demmi’s Market on 7th Avenue in old Ybor City. Every Wednesday we do our tune-up gigs there, where we work in new material and flesh out our sets. So it was only natural that when the time came to record, it was at Demmi’s. Besides, it’s hard not to be comfortable in a place like Demmi’s, taking time between sessions to eat a slice of the best pizza in the world and sip on rum and coke.

We hope to be posting audio by the weekend, but will definitely have material up by the end of next week. The songs were recorded live, but due to an expected problem with one of the channels on the recorder, we’ll have to do some tweaking in our studio. You know us. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing. Our standards are pretty high.

Hopefully we’ll soon be able to show everyone what it is that we do so well.

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