Reconfigure by Topaz Pauls

Reconfigure by Topaz Pauls

Sometimes you have to shake things up and just start over. I haven’t done that nearly enough in my life. Change is hard. It’s scary. But when you realize your clothes don’t fit anymore, you don’t keep wearing what you’ve always worn just because it’s what you’re used to.

That’s where I’m at where this web site is concerned. I’m not sure it’s going to continue on as it is, and as it has been. It’s strange to think about at this late date, with web sites quickly becoming archaic relics, but I’ve had this web site for almost 20 years. In that time it’s been a convenient dumping ground for whatever has bothered me at the time. It’s where I’ve posted plans for things which never came to be. It’s where I posted intricate details of shit nobody but me could have possibly ever cared about. In many ways, it’s become some sad, useless thing, which has outlived its original purpose, never achieving the goal it was intended for.

In some ways, I feel bad about hanging on to it. There’s a point where I honestly thought I was going to soon be making music, and writing, and creating new works of art, and my web site was where I was going to communicate all these things. That never really happened to any great degree. Mostly, I’ve wound up keeping my head down, posting the occasional rant, and generally working my ass off just to pay bills. When you’re devoting 50 hours a week to a job, and taking 3 college classes (like I did last semester), there’s no time for a web site. Not that anything was happening that needed to be reported upon.

So here’s the deal. I’m currently studying records arts at Saint Petersburg College. Based upon what I’m learning there (filling in the gaps in my knowledge where production is concerned), we’re currently writing new material, and expect to start recording two separate albums next year, with the aim of having them mixed, mastered, and released by early 2019, along with accompanying books and artwork.

That’s where this web site comes in.

We’ve pretty much decided to drop the name Windhaven from our band. Honestly, there are too many business entities out there using variations of “Windhaven” in their names. There’s an insurance company. A global investment company. There’s a commercial farm. Cottages and B&B’s. Vacation rentals. Hell, there’s a frickin’ bank called Windhaven. While we both love the name Windhaven and would like to keep using it for our band name, we’ve had to face the reality that there’s nothing unique about the name. I guess, in the final analysis, we might as well have called our band Stoneybrook, or something else that’s fairly easy to find on the fences of gated communities all across the country.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to come up with anything better.  Oh, we’ve come up with some great band names. There’s just not names that we want to use. They’re good names, but they don’t feel like “us”.

So… what we’ve been thinking is that we might take the Santana and Van Halen route, and use something more personal. Naturally we can’t call the band “Lovelace”. If you go to, it’s a web site for a health system. is a genealogy web site. is peddling e-mail addresses. Not to mention the inevitable morons asking “Hey, are you kin to Linda Lovelace?” In short, “Lovelace” has been coined.

Instead, what we’re thinking of is calling the band “Wicasta”. Why not? As you may have noticed, we already have the domain and web site.

Basically, the idea is that the band Wicasta would be an umbrella term under which we could bring in other musicians for various projects. It’ll work in the same way that the band Santana and the guitarist Carlos Santana are two different things, same as Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen are two different things. Instead of splitting my work up between Windhaven, my personal name, and Catdaddy Pirates (which was going to be my hard rock outlet), we’ll just do each under the Wicasta umbrella. It will help with marketing, too, since we we’ll have one brand to market instead of multiple brands, and my personal stuff such as novels would be complimentary, as well, where the band is concerned (since both will reference “Wicasta”).

This would mean some obvious changes, of course. All of my personal stuff would be moved over to or some such. All of my social media sites which use “Wicasta” would be surrendered to the band, and I’d create new accounts for my personal use. This means, of course, that this web site would become a band page. Which is sort of why I’m writing about it.

This could all be one slow-burn ego-trip for all I know. But it makes sense, from a tactical perspective. Yes, it’s possible I’m fooling myself, and coming up with excuses just to promote my own name. But I don’t think so. I’m not that vain, for one thing, or that desperate. I just think it’s important to focus your efforts. It’d make much more sense, for example, to release three subsequent albums under “Wicasta” than it would to release one under Windhaven, then one under Wicasta Lovelace, then one under Catdaddy Pirates. In the latter example, we’d be starting over each time, rather than building upon previous work and momentum. That’s really all there is to it.

We’ll see. This is the way I would like to go. I don’t think Victoria’s entirely sold on it just yet, though. Either way, stay tuned. It’s something I’d like to move on before my fall semester at college (which is going to be a four month long endurance test).

As ever, the question remains whether we should reconfigure, repurpose, and redeploy? Sometimes the only logical thing to do is step off of the path you’re on, and simply start over. That’s never made more sense to me than it does right now.