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Getting ready to record. We’re not doing anything for the 4th. Victoria has to work today. I figured I’m going to make good on some threats and try to get started recording something. Especially since my focus is going to shift next week to finding gainful employment.
The first thing I did today, quite accidentally, was write a Claire rant. I swear, that girl finds a lot to rant about. I’m going to have to decide at some point when and how I’m going to transition the character from random posts to a structured format more in tune with the story that comes later.
But mostly, I’m in the moment. I have Cubase LE and GigaStudio running. I started writing this while I was waiting for GigaStudio to load. I do love that program, but it’s a major pain in the ass sometimes.
Oh, well. Let’s go see what happens, shall we?

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