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Re-Imagining The Blog

I think anyone who has read my Blog for any length of time knows that I’ve sort of been casting about in the wilderness. None of the usual stuff I’ve talked about for years will fly anymore. I’ve have too many loved ones and relatives waiting around to be offended by the things I say about myself. So… why is this blog even still here?

Well, I’m nothing if not stubborn. There have been times in my life when having this blog as an outlet or a release valve has saved my sanity, if not my life. But, I have to admit that I’d developed a dystopian view of my own life. It couldn’t have been very much fun to read anything that I posted here.

So… I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to do certain things differently on my web sites, and I’ve decided that I need to approach this Blog in a new way. There are a lot of things going on in my life that I just don’t write much about. Hell, I performed on a weekly basis in Ybor City for almost a year and wrote not one blog post about that experience. Instead, I bitched about some of the things I wasn’t happy about in the band. I whined about my frustration and lack of direction. That pretty much serves as a metaphor for everything else. Enough of that, already. Let’s move on.

I’m prohibited by familial relations from writing about some of the things that are going on in my life (financial issues come to mind), so instead I’m going to try to write more about the positive things. Windhaven will be heading to Ybor City next Wednesday to take up the mantle that was left behind by my old bands, Systematic Chaos and Catdaddy Pirates. This is a good things. I think I’m going to try to write more about the good things. Maybe if you’re an old reader of this blog and you’ve stuck around thus far, you’ll soon recognize a few bits and pieces of the old Wicasta that so many of you told me made for an enjoyable read.

If nothing else, adventures lie ahead. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to chronicle some of this stuff.

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13 years ago

Holy crap Batman…I do some web searches for ICR and PTH and I get a Wicasta…Seems not that much has changed after all

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