Re-Group and Re-Deploy

Getting ready for the new week. I didn’t quit my job. Like it has happened so many times before, as angry as I was, it all evaporated once the problem was solved. Yes, my company has issues. And yes, I seemed to get fucked quite often. But it’s a known quantity, and there is some comfort in that.
I suppose if I planned to drive a truck from now on, I might go in search of a place to hang my hat for good. But to tell the truth, none of the trucking companies or owner/operators I’ve worked for in the trucking industry have treated me all that well. So I’ll hang in there, I guess, and see if things really do get better.
I’m also going to try to figure out why I get so angry and emotional when things do go bad. Sure, it was outrageous last week, that I wound up sitting my first day out, and then wound up sitting most of the day Friday. But there have been times when I have just brushed it aside. On Friday I became unhinged.
I don’t know. It’s obviously something I need to look at. I guess one thing that gets me is that I’m dealing with a situation that I’m not overly fond of, and I can deal with it alright, but it’s a bit much when you wind up sitting for two days out of your work week. Especially when the only reason you’re out there to begin with is to make money. I can’t make any progress here if I lose two days, and if I’m not making the money, the very reason for driving is gone.
I obviously have some issues to deal with. I’m going to have to find a balance for my own sake.

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15 years ago

I thought you were getting back in to writing too. Did Neima and Caldwell give up making dents in your head? Just wondering. Cheers! ~ dc

15 years ago

Hehe. Nope. Neima and Caldwell are still knocking loudly in there. I’ve been re-working some structural stuff, and figure on getting back to some actual writing in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

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