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Rand Paul Supporter Stomps On Woman

Last week Tea Party candidate Joe Miller’s security guards forcibly detained and handcuffed a reporter, to surprisingly little political fall-out in the mainstream media (so much for it being controlled by Liberals). I wondered then if this was just an opening shot, if things were going to be getting much, much worse as the election nears.

Well, it just got worse. Supporters of Tea Party candidate Rand Paul wrestled a woman to the ground and one stomped on her after she tried to confront the candidate in Kentucky. The incident happened Monday night in Lexington right before a debate between Paul and Democratic opponent Jack Conway. Television footage shows Valle’s blonde wig being pulled off before she’s pinned to ground. A man then puts his foot down on her head. Valle said the incident left her with “a bit of a headache.”

If you’ve ever talked to a Tea Party adherent, you realize rather quickly that it’s like arguing with a zombie. It’s not only that they don’t want to hear what you’re saying, they can’t hear anything that contradicts their world-view. It makes their eyes roll back into their heads and talking points spew unabated from their mouths. Their well indoctrinated brains, fearing Socialism even as they putter around in motorized wheelchairs that the government bought them, simply won’t let them tolerate opposing opinions.

I’ve often found myself wondering lately if what I’ve been feeling as I watch the Tea Party bigots and maniacs rise to prominence is what the average German felt as the Brownshirts rose to power in the lead-up to World War II. Thus far I’ve seen little evidence that Tea Party candidates offer little else to the American people but xenophobia, intolerance, oppression and violence. If this is what it has come down to, and Tea Party supporters are literally, physically assaulting other Americans over their ideals, I say it’s time the Tea Party goons start receiving a taste of their own medicine. The only reason their bullshit has been tolerated thus far is that most Americans don’t expect that such notions as “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion” apply only to themselves.

Clearly, the Tea Party believes the only voices that should be heard are their own. Take a long, hard look, America.

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