Rambling With Mama

Haven’t been back in Kings Mountain long. I had to run down to Bennettsville, South Carolina to pick up a load I tried to pick up Friday, but which wasn’t ready. Rather than sit there all day (and I would have) I headed to Kings Mountain.
Well, Mama went with me today. That was very cool. We don’t get much time together, really. When I visit on the weekends I’m usually parked in front of the computer, working on something or playing World of Warcraft. So it’s not quality time.
I’m glad Mama went. We both enjoyed hanging out and talking. Mama seemed to be psyched to be at a paper mill. I’m reasonably certain it was her first. I got her to look in the back of the trailer at the big-assed paper rolls we had just picked up (before I sealed the trailer). She took some pictures of the plant with my cellphone, which made me nervous (they don’t usually usually like you taking pictures in these places). But I thought it was cool that she thought it was cool.
This may have been the last chance Mama has to take a ride with me, since I’ll stop driving next month. So I’m really grateful for this time. I’m glad she decided to go with me. Especially with my aunt Sue guilt-tripping her about not going to church today.

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