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R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

I just heard that Ronnie James Dio has died. If youre not a fan of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, this probably won’t mean much to you. But for those of us who grew up listening to Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio, this is significant. One of the old gods has fallen. We may never see his like again.
I was fortunate enough to see his band, Dio, several times back in the 1980’s after he had left Black Sabbath. I’d hoped that I might have the fortune of seeing him perform with the de facto new Black Sabbath, which is known as Heaven & Hell. Now that’s not to be.
I won’t shed any tears over the man. He was 67 years old and lead an incredible life. I’ll just quietly thank the Universe that he was allowed to be on this Earth, and bring so much inspiration to so many people like myself.
My thanks to Ronnie James Dio. It was one hell of a run, good sir.

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