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Putting A Facebook Profile In Mothballs

[Posted on a Facebook note]

I’m thinking of mothballing my Facebook profile page and concentrating on my artist page. It’s hardly decided yet, but if I do it, I’ll have to think of grand new ways to spend all my extra time. Let’s face it. It’s easy to be obsessed with Facebook. How many of us check our Facebook accounts for updates during commercials? More than would admit it, I imagine.

If you send me messages or make comments on my Facebook profile, I’ll get the notices. So I’ll stay in touch. But I really think I need to concentrate on my pages if I’m ever going to get anywhere as an artist. Who really gives a flip what movie I, or anyone else, just watched? We’re all neck deep in our own lives and problems, and have little empathy for the banalities of our friends’ existences. This doesn’t make us bad people. It just is. And I, for one, am more than ready to reverse the data stream.

So… if you want to know what I’m up to, just start keeping tabs on my artist page, or my band, Windhaven’s, page at That’s where all the good stuff is going to be happening from now on.

It sounds rather like I’ve decided, doesn’t it? Well… we’ll see how long I stick with this. But at the moment it makes perfect sense. I love you all, but let’s stop pretending we care about one another when we don’t, really. All anyone really wants is to see the monkey dance. So I’ve decided to put on my pants with the bells on and trot out a little jig. In the final analysis, that’s sort of what I was put here for, anyway.

With affection…

~ Wicasta

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