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Police On Crack

About to get ready to go to band practice. I’m not really in the mood for it today. Can’t tell you why. Mostly, I guess, because I wasn’t able to crack the lead break for Sweet Home Alabama (and a few others). I keep trying to learn it on my own, but I’ve had to concede that I’m actually going to have to knuckle down and decipher the damned thing.
I added a Poetic Justice song to my MySpace page today. Right now it’s called Police On Crack, because neither me or Tony (Rogers) can remember what it’s title was (if it ever had one). I made it my theme song on MySpace because it’s a kick-ass song that shows off my bass playing (even if it was in 1990 – I haven’t lost much skill-wise, so there). Sometimes when I hear songs like that, I marvel at how good I was (I had no idea at the time), and I ask myself why I’m trying to play lead guitar in the Just In Time Band. I mean, I like it and I approach it as something of a challenge, but bass is my thing. It always has been. Sometimes I feel like the guys are just not getting my best.
Anyway, if anyone wants to hear how much of a kick-ass bass player I used to be, check out Police On Crack. That’s me on bass, Tony Rogers on guitar, and Mike Peeler on drums.

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