I’m sitting in a customer’s dock, trying to decide how big of an asshole I want to be. Whatever useless fuck picked up this load didn’t put any load locks in the trailer. So when I got here (I picked the load up off of our yard in Elm City) two skids of canned drinks had collapsed. Well, the customer expects me to re-stack these skids. I’m trying to decide how determined I am that I’m not going to.
Hell, I’ll fucking do it. It’s Friday and this shit is keeping me from heading home. But my company is going to pay me. Right now they’re saying “keep track of your time and we’ll pay you.” Oh, sure. They’ll pay me $10-20 to clean up someone else’s mess. That’s hardly worth my time.
I guess I’m just being a pita because it’s Friday and I’m not in the mood for this shit. I’m not in the mood for lazy Yankees who don’t want to handle their own freight. The guy says “we don’t have anyone here who can re-stack it.” I was like “Really? You only sell drinks by the full skid, huh?”
Fuck it. I might as well get started. I’m causing grief to no one but myself. But I’ll strongly wish nothing but trouble upon the driver who picked up this load, put in no load locks, and then dropped the load in Elm City for someone else to have to deal with. That takes a special brand of asshole, and should earn that person at least a week of nothing but clogged fuel lines and flat tires.
We can only hope.

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