Peddling Toward Farmville

I haven’t been writing from the road much. Mainly because nothing much has been happening. No bizarre encounters in truck stops and rest areas. No sudden revelations or licking of old wounds. I haven’t been going to any particularly interesting places. Been seeing a lot Virginia, North & South Carolina, and Georgia. Or maybe I should say “a lot more”. Well, I did go to Ohio last week. Saw Kentucky and West Virginia on that trip. And Virgina. I hope you see my point.
I’m peddling up I-95 in North Carolina at the moment, somewhere in the vicinity of Pembroke. I’m headed to Farmville, NC with 45,000 pounds of what’s described on the bill of lading as “flue cured tobacco”. Big-assed bails of the stuff. So far the trip has been uneventful. Which is just fine with me.
It seems rather like in these last few weeks, as my driving “career” winds down, that the Universe is content to let me go quietly. I may jinx myself by saying that. But I feel like it’s already over. All but making these last few paychecks and parking the truck.
I wish I could say that I’m waxing nostalgic here, that I’m going over these many years and the mind-numbing number of miles I’ve driven. But for the most part I just feel like I’m sitting on a bench somewhere, waiting for the bus to to come.
Well, there’s no real point to this. Since I now have a ZZ Top song stuck in my head, I’m going to wander on. I still have some peddling to do yet.

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